Saturday, February 20, 2010

Colour Block

This shot is from last weeks walk on Queen West. I decided to venture down a back alley behind all the stores, and discovered the hub for urban textures. What attracted me to this little piece, was that despite all the different patterns, textures, and variations in colour, there was still an element of structure, or separation of parts.

It puts me in mind of a Rubics cube, and for some reason the 80's.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

paper thin..

It's not too often I find a textile that I can try and capture, but on this walk I was passing a building and noticed an old fabric banner that was flapping in the wind. And what stuck me even more was the combination of the charcoal coloured fabric against the bright orange, and brilliant white of the wall. I tried a few shots, and in hind sight, I think I should have chosen the 'sports' setting to capture the movement, but I think there is still spots you can make out how paper thin this fabric was, and get a feel for the juxtaposition between fabric and concrete wall.