Thursday, December 15, 2011


Last night I had the joy of attending the first ever Inspire Awards, a night of giving thanks and honoring the lifetime contribution of individuals to the LGBTQ community. (Lesbian, Gay, Trans-gendered, Queer). This year the honor went to Michelle Dubarry (Russell Alldread), Boyd Kodak, and a Special Honourary award was given to The Honorable late Jack Layton. His Son and Daughter received the award on his behalf.

Earlier in the year I was asked by my good friend Antoine Elhashem if I would be willing to donate a piece of my photography towards the silent auction part of the evening. Without hesitation I accepted. Along with nine other artists, our donations helped fund the awards celebration, and to ensure other deserving people will be awarded in the future.

I chose this image to frame because I find it majestic, and inspiring. A single tree stands in the midst of a field, and as Autumn makes it entrance the leaves change colour, and start to fall. But the tree does not feel alone, or isolated in my opinion. To me, it stands tall, proud and keeping watch over the land. Not afraid to embrace the changing seasons. The colour orange, was not by accident. That was my own special tribute to the Honorable late Jack Layton. He, along with the others were, and remain an inspiration to the community, and true champions for change and acceptance.

I entitled the image "A season of change". Here it is: