Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am not sure if I have ever posted two days in a row before, but meh, it is a New Year, fresh beginnings, and I'm feeling like sharing....  :)

This is a series of shots I've recently taken again using different exposures and zoom techniques to create blurred or dream like qualities. Instead of surface reflections on water, these ones are landscapes. High Park tends to be my usual setting as it has all different types of terrain to utilize, but I am hoping to venture to other wooded areas, or natural settings. 


(After some thought, I think one or two might be re-posts. Guess I am drawn to those ones.)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Happy New Year!

Now that the frantic pace of Christmas is a thing of the past, I found a fairly mild day to unwind and go for a photo shoot to continue working on collecting shots for another series. Submission season has started and the other day I sent my first package of the year with shots from the Surface Deep collection. I am slowly moving my focus back on land and trying things with landscapes and more specifically at the moment with trees.

I really enjoy the dream or trance like feel to these, or as some have joked, the 'drunk' like state. I am also thrilled with the multi layer effect some of these shots have. They are not for everyone, but for myself, what I am most proud of is that these are all 'as is' photos and done only with the camera and not with any photoshop or 'trickery' in post production.

By the way, I may be doing another show at Olivia's at Fifty Three, the restaurant I showed my work in last year, and also donated my charity piece to. I also have the show booked in May at the Runnymede library here in Toronto, so mark that on your calender!!