Monday, September 30, 2013

You've Got Mail!

Before there was texts and E-cards, there was snail mail. Remember that? Am I the only one that still has a pen pal, and forces my friends to send me postcards as they travel around the world?? I probably am. Those that know me, probably are not shocked. I live in a nostalgic world. I'd have a horse and buggy if I could, and chickens in the back yard.

Not to say I don't spend a fair amount of time with technology. It's not my best friend, but I have sure embraced it in the form of my camera, my iPhone, and of course the Mac. So I guess I like the best of both worlds.

I'm working on a project I've had in mind for a while, and hopefully some day I will see it through to the end. In the meantime, I have started noticing a little collection within my collection which sparked todays entry. It's cute and quirky, and it speaks to me.

Oh! Gotta run, I think I hear the mailman!!