Thursday, December 31, 2009

Honourable Mention 2

This is the second of the two Honourable mentions I received for The City of Toronto photo contest. It was Titled "Spring in St. James Park", and the category was city parks.

I love to take shots of water in various forms. Still, moving, rippled, splashes, reflections, and in this case raindrops. Much like weathered wood, peeling paint, and rust, I like how water can become abstract. Finding beauty or interest in unconventional things.

Printed, framed and hung, they often look spectacular. In my opinion anyways...

1 comment:

  1. Scott, this is by far one of my most favoured photos by you. (Or anyone, for that matter). And I completely agree with you on the water thing. It tells a story that no words could express...or at least an emotion. Yes, the emotion of this photo (like a lot of abstract paintings), moves the viewer, much like really great poetry. I adore this one.