Saturday, January 9, 2010

Looking Up

The other night my partner and I watched a movie called 500 Days of Summer. One of the main characters was a student of architecture and he made the comment that on street level most buildings are boring or void of character. He advised the person he was with to look up, and it is up off of street level that most buildings show off their true beauty and fine details. I have said this many times myself. There is so much hidden details, beauty, and workmanship in many of Toronto's buildings that go by unnoticed because they are up off street level, or covered in years of paint, or bad renovations. I don't think we could ever replace some of these great buildings today, because the craftsmen are long gone, and I'm sure the skills have been passed down to very few, or sadly none. In the 50's and 60's Toronto tore down many, many, buildings with such great architectural details, and workmanship. A huge blemish on our sense of heritage preservation. At least some have survived such as this one. Taken on a recent snowy day it is the details of a building on Toronto Street, downtown. I hope it encourages you all to look up..

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