Monday, July 19, 2010

Long may she reign...

Twice in my life I have waited for hours to see a member of the Royal Family. Once when I was very young to see Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York name a square in Cobourg, and now years later to see the Queen on her 22nd visit to Canada. Of course I also witnessed both the marriage and the funeral of Princess Diana on television, and visited both Buckingham and Kensington Palaces during my visit to London in 2007.

Perhaps it is because of my half English background, or perhaps it is just my love of history, but moments like this impact me hugely. I feel like I am watching history unfold right before my eyes. As I watched the Queen do her walk about not 50 feet away from me, all I could think about was the the centuries of time and events that led up to this particular day. Events that have been portrayed in movies, written about in books, and talked about in school.

I am glad I have had the opportunity to document in photos my own 15 minutes of time spent with the Queen. Long may she reign...

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