Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Happy New Year!

Now that the frantic pace of Christmas is a thing of the past, I found a fairly mild day to unwind and go for a photo shoot to continue working on collecting shots for another series. Submission season has started and the other day I sent my first package of the year with shots from the Surface Deep collection. I am slowly moving my focus back on land and trying things with landscapes and more specifically at the moment with trees.

I really enjoy the dream or trance like feel to these, or as some have joked, the 'drunk' like state. I am also thrilled with the multi layer effect some of these shots have. They are not for everyone, but for myself, what I am most proud of is that these are all 'as is' photos and done only with the camera and not with any photoshop or 'trickery' in post production.

By the way, I may be doing another show at Olivia's at Fifty Three, the restaurant I showed my work in last year, and also donated my charity piece to. I also have the show booked in May at the Runnymede library here in Toronto, so mark that on your calender!!

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