Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Muddy York

This past Sunday I was invited for a second time to photograph The Time Nomads as they enacted a winters day in 1833 at the Campbell house in Toronto. (Once upon a time called York). It is always a fascinating thing to witness as they do not act, or have rehearsed agendas. They simply 'live' and go about the day as if it were truly a day in 1833.

From a photographers stand point, the day was a challenge as it was overcast outside, and fairly dark inside. Without a flash and no artificial light but a few candles it made for not the best photo taking environment. Once back at home, I was as expected,  frustrated with the colour shots. I decided to play around a little, and in the end turned many of the pictures into sepia, and then added a blur to help diminish the blurs that had not been intended. I have shared the entire album with my facebook friends, and it has been received with great reviews. This is just a sampling of the shots, but I hope you enjoy!!

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