Thursday, September 26, 2013

Line and Form.

Line and Form.

Not only does Mother Nature provide us with brilliant tapestries of colour in the form of landscapes rich with ever changing hues, she is a brilliant architect. 

Often when I'm out, and surrounding myself with nature, I am drawn not only to the colours, but also the patterns and textures of such things as trees,plants,flowers, rocks,and water. Strip away the colour, and you are still left with a beautiful image and the ability to see the lines and formation of the object with much more clarity.

Now..I will never give up my love of colour and how colour translates into a mood or feeling but I will also continue to have a faithful collection of photos in black and white that speak to me on a different level.

Much like my love of capturing architecture, and architectural details from the city, I will continue to capture natures architecture.Building styles come and go. They are built and they are altered, and they are demolished. Natures architecture lives on forever not following any trends. It's perfect. It's beautiful.

Here are a few of my favourite recent, and earlier black and whites that I enjoy for their lines and forms.

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