Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life... our own amusement park.

So if there is one thing I have realized in the past year it is that Life as the saying goes, is a roller coaster. I have never given that expression much thought until I was editing these photos that I took at the Navy Pier in Chicago a few days back. This past year has been one of many ups and downs for me and in my opinion far too many downs. That said, I know we all experience periods of high energy, growth and excitement, as well as periods of darkness, fear, and skeletons in our closet. (Wish I had a picture of a haunted house to go along with that sentiment!) It has been a year of much personal growth, and I know the ride is not over yet, but is it ever?
 I guess what really matters is how we embrace this ride. Do we opt to to stay on the ground, and watch as bystanders, or do we face our fears, put on our seat belts, and get on the ride? Do we watch others silently by the sidelines, or do we raise our arms, let the wind rip through our hair (ok, so that one doesn't apply to me) and scream with joy and a sense of letting go? Do we become adults who stop having fun, or do we get in line with the children and teens and say fun never stops? Some of us grow up too fast, speed through our childhood for whatever reason and are thrust into adulthood perhaps well before we should. We forget to laugh, to let go, to see the bright colours, to take risks, and our life becomes too serious, too routine, and at times too painful.

In many ways, I have been learning to let go, and to feel, and experience things I had forgotten about or stuffed to deep inside me. To embrace the past, to own it, to experience the feelings, and then to look forward. Sometimes you need to see life or a certain situation from different angles. And you can do that at a pace as slow as a ferris wheel, a nice jaunt like a merry go round, or as fast as the swings that zip up and down through the air and the roller coaster speeding along the peaks and dips of the tracks. Follow your heart, honour your inner child, and embrace the ride, have fun!! If you don't like a particular ride...well then march right over to the next line and get on the next one. Give it a whirl! No one is judging you, and if they are it is because they are stuck in a set of rules or a fear that is limiting their ability to move forward, and to take an exhilarating ride along with you.


 This photo is one of my favourites from my whole trip to Chicago. Not just for the image alone, but because as I was capturing this shot, I had a sense of envy. There were only a few riders on the swings, and all of them were adults. Isn't that great!!?? And I was watching them not thinking, "oh grow up!" or "how ridiculous!" but rather "GOOD FOR THEM!" And here I have to make a confession. In many ways, I am still the bystander, the one on the ground watching in envy. And believe me, it's not much fun. But as I mentioned, this year has been about taking risks, and embracing new thoughts and experiences, and so I promise you that I will soon get in line with all the other kids, teens, and adults and raise my arms, scream, and let go. I can't wait. I did however manage to face a fear, and take a risk on this trip, but that my for another post.

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