Wednesday, December 16, 2009


One of my favorite places to take photos is the Distillery District at the bottom of Parliament street. There is a great sense of times past, yet the art galleries, and interiors in some of the shops keep the place current. The unfortunate thing about this area is that the sense of nostalgia has been sharply cut by the massive condo tower in the midst of it all. But don't get me started on that....

The area is rich with patina. There is plenty of textures in the brickwork, peeling paint, weathered wood,and rusting shutter hooks. For someone like me who loves the textures and patterns time creates, it is a photographers Heaven. If you follow this blog, I am positive you will see many photos taken in this great place.

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  1. maybe the nostalgia has been sharply cut by the condos going up...or maybe in a city where condos are going up on every corner, the distillery district remains a sanctuary where nostalgia and picturesque moments remain despite the urbanization of the city surrounding this little haven.