Sunday, October 9, 2011

iPhone images..

It was not too long ago when I was doing research for the play I was collaborating on that I read that the iPhone had become the number one source of images being downloaded on flickr. After doing a little more research into the many, many thousands(?) of applications one can use on their phone to create interesting images I have to admit I was a little more then curious.

Lucky me, I received a new iPhone for my birthday shortly after this discovery. my friends know, I rarely use the phone for its intended purposes, but I have come to love the few camera applications I have had the time to explore. If for no other reason, they are fun to experiment with. Granted, I am still guilty of trying to maintain good composition, but the alterations you can make are endless. Remember when I said I wanted to keep my images as natural as possible? Well, with my Nikon, I still do. So I'm not a total sell out. Am I?

Anyways, here are some random photos I have taken on my iPhone and then altered through one program or another.


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