Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Public Art

This photo is one of the earliest photos I took, in early 2008. I know it has been photographed a million times, but regardless it is one of my favorite pieces of public art. (It stands outside Union Station) The fact it has been photographed so many times by so many people, tells me that it actually causes people to stop, and look, and create an opinion, and perhaps a conversation. It is in my opinion that there is a huge lack of wonderful art pieces such as this in the public realm. Not to say there isn't any, there are some great ones out there. But I would really love to see along with more green spaces, some really great art, sculpture, statues, that would make people stop and look, or converse. Dundas Square for example, cries out to me for a great art piece, (well and some real trees). The failed condo development at Yonge and Bloor would also be a great area for a green space, and public art. ( I believe, another condo developer has taken over...sadly.)

Regardless, I will do my best to show off from time to time the existing art pieces that stand amongst us. Do stop and take a look...

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