Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Glass of Red

I'm usually a white wine drinker, but occasionally I don't mind a nice deep velvety red wine. Especially in the cold months, and with a nice beef stew, or coq au vin. (Which happens to be my new favorite dish)

This 'aged' or perhaps 'vintage' mural is from the side of the LCBO in Cabbagetown. Not sure if it is still there or not. I produced and framed a copy of this, and I have to say it adds a nice flavour to my wall. ;)



  1. This is awesome Scott ... of course now I want a glass. (shame on you) What a fabulous idea- to frame it and place it on your wall, I mean. Flavour indeed!


    ~ Rox

  2. hey there scott it is nice to see that you have found a passion.i dropped you my address at your home page.take care there old friend.wendi