Sunday, April 24, 2011

A retrospective...part ll

There is a blackbird singing(?) outside my window, and it is overcast but mild. Which when all put together makes me want to grab my camera and go for a hike...But due to the camera situation I mentioned in my previous post, this sadly is not going to happen.

So you, and I will have to make due with another retrospective of previous shots. As mentioned I entered five portfolios into a competition and I am sharing with you each of them one by one. My last post featured portfolio one and today I will share the second.

Since today also happens to be Easter Sunday, I will share the set that is most cheery, and spring like. It features shots from early this year taken at Allan Gardens. (In the greenhouse)....

Happy Easter!

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  1. and of course you know which one I would pick!! keep up the good work scott!