Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another look at RED....

Yesterday I made an entry about the colour red, and I have not been able to stop thinking about it. Well, about colour for that matter. The actual meanings and uses, and psychological effects of using or seeing a colour. As I have mentioned, and if you know me at all, I love colour. Bright colours, dark colours, muted colours. I may not use them in my home, or in my day to day clothing, but I admire many, many colours, and combinations.

I decided to do some more research into the colour red, and here are some fascinating tidbits around the history of red:
-Red is said to have protective powers against evil, to give strength and to ward off illnesses, fever and even miscarriages (The painting I posted dated 1434, entitled Arnolfini Wedding, is said to illustrate this belief...)
-Red garlands and red scarves are part of many wedding customs. In fact Red bridal gowns were worn by Ancient Romans, and are still worn by Chinese Brides today
-People wear red to bring them luck.
-It is both the colour of Satan, and of the Roman Catholic Church (power, need I remind you?)
-Its excellent visibility in extreme darkness lead to its use in stop signs, danger signs, fire trucks, and brake lights.
-Red may cause restlessness and insomnia if used in bedrooms, but is regarded as a great colour to use in excercise and play rooms. (And as I mentioned yesterday, in rooms showcasing art!)
-It appears closer then it actually is, so a room with red walls will feel like it is closing in on you.
- And finally, for you who love red, but not the intense energy it gives off, then try a muted earthy red like red ocher, venetian red, or even brick red......

I'm sure if you look through all my photos, you will find a shade of red that is just perfect for you..

Hope you enjoyed this little trivia session. I know I did!

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