Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seeing Red...

Red....the colour of love, passion, anger, and aggression. Did you know that at one time many fast food restaurants used the colour red in their interiors in order to create a passion and desire to eat more food. The funny thing is it also was used to hurry the diners up and get them out in order to have a greater turnover, thus more sales.

At home, especially in the 19th century, and early 2oth, red was often used in dining rooms. Red is a very flattering colour to most peoples skin tones, and combined with candlelight it made for a very cozy, flattering, and enjoyable evening. It was also used alot in drawing rooms, especially those with salon type walls chuck full of paintings, sketches, and photographs...Red seems to show off art work well. I believe there are even red walls in part of the exhibition spaces at the AGO here in Toronto.

Did I mention my kitchen is red? It is indeed. I always wanted a red room, and now I have one. I love it.

When I take a lot of my photos, especially when I focus on colour, pattern ,and texture, I always associate a feeling to the photograph. I also envision many of them hanging in people's rooms. Usually in large format, much like some huge painted canvas...I think colour is so important to each of us, and it often means different things to different people, hence the millions of colours available to us to purchase in the form of paint. There is an energy in colour, whether it is strong and vibrant, or soft and strong.. There is a colour pallet for each of us. Have you found yours? What is your favorite? How do you react to certain colours? It is such an interesting topic don't you think?

Enjoy your day, and I hope I have you seeing red..

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